Smulson Maryna Lazarivna Смульсон Марина Лазарівна, Nazar Maksym Mykolaiovych Назар Максим Миколайович, Mehtihanova Nataliya Mykolaivna Мехтіханова Наталія Миколаївна


In this article the phenomenon of wisdom as a psychological basis of a decent life, adequate decision making, implementation of meritorious deeds, non-destructive, predictably based way. Wisdom is interpreted as the ability of the cognitive system, which is based on the crystallized, culturally conditioned intellect.

It is shown that wisdom as a psychological phenomenon is embodied in the work on the formulation and solution of problems in the broadest possible context. It works only if an adequate mental model of the context of this subject, which respectively function as interpretive filter. But wisdom is also a moral filter selection means solving the problem, that is, a filter that uses the criterion of environmental resources. Wisdom is a characteristic of the metacognitive subject that is created during the life path and displays the results of the operation of intelligence (in particular, the practical) in the problem space in relation to personality traits. Wisdom directs and optimizes personal development and contributes to the success of human life.

Specifically considered the wisdom of an old man, which is associated with a specific, flexible, integrated mental model of the world.

Key words: wisdom, crystallized intellect, mental model, metacognitions, flexibility, predictability development.

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