Lototska Yunona Mykolaivna Лотоцька Юнона Миколаївна


This article is a brief of the issue of success anthology, the author developed the concept of success, argued a direct link of success with the activities of intelligence structures. Briefly described the main stages of the experiment "Psychology of life success and failure."

The basis of the article is a description of psychological barriers for implementation of changes in personal transformations. We considered the algorithm described by Prochazka and Norcross, E. Kübler-Ross (adapted by Lototska) as a platform for management changes  in adults. We have identified and described seven stages of passing psychological barriers - from the choice of idea- reference, to the consciousness - resolution: «Idea», «Quick win», «Collapse», «Fear. Back traction», «Motivational escape», «Awareness», «Permission».

The statistic data of the experiment, in which the results of psychological barriers passing in the project "The psychology of  life success and failure" is described in a sample "normal" (live and remote format) and a sample "mental disorders. It is important to permit yourself to see, to reveal a contradiction that will cause another round of development, or to refuse, that is not to enter into the transformation.

We noted that the effect of transformational environment due to its construction, and we have concluded that the transforming environment should be special.

Key words: psychology of success, success, failure, transformation.

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