Olha O. Zaretska Ольга Олександрівна Зарецька


The work is devoted to the study of the value component of interpretative processes in which a person is involved. In crisis periods, the problem of value self-determination of a person becomes relevant and requires serious scientific development. The work was performed on the basis of the methodology of the psychological-hermeneutic approach, the focus of which is the process of interpretation by a person of his experience. The value components of these processes determine the external and internal contexts of the individual's experience, and therefore the direction of the processes of his self-construction in crisis moments of life. The results of both the experimental and empirical part of the work are presented. The experiment consisted in conducting an online survey, which provided material for determining the level of formation of interpretation processes in adult respondents. Analysis of the results of recipients with a high level of development of interpretation skills showed the presence of elements of the axiological plan in their interpretations. It is concluded that the valuesthat a person professes form an interpretative framework when involving him in the discourse. However, the low development of interpretative competence becomes a brake for connecting this filter to understanding. The empirical part of the research consisted in finding and analyzing manifestations of value processes in modern media discourse. The components of the value potential of both an individual and society were singled out. Active reproduction in the media contributes to the consolidation of these meanings in the collective consciousness. The analysis showed that in crisis periods of life, the values of the transcendental plan begin to determine the orientations of a person's everyday life to a greater extent. All these phenomena can be considered as collective manifestations of axiogenesis of the nation.

Keywords: interpretation, personal values, axiological aspect, narrative, discourse, reinterpretation of experience, self-construction, experiment, media.

Accepted:  15.10.2022

Reviewed:  26.10.2022

Published: 03.11.2022



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