Yalanska Svitlana Pavlivna Яланська Світлана Павлівна


Today, the latest technologies, interactive forms of the work with students, which would promote their interest, creativity, skills of teamwork, self-organization, successful time distribution, should be used in the educational process. The modern young people are constantly in the information environment of social networks, the virtual space, which causes a lack of «live» communication with other persons and on the whole with the natural environment. Therefore, there is a necessity to strengthen this communication, which contributes to both physical and mental health. The purpose of the article is to reveal the psychological resource of the art-eco-practices using in the educational process of higher education, and, in particular, on the campus of the university – «green audience». The theoretical analysis of literature sources, surveys of the participants in the educational process (research methods), the personal experience have helped to find that such a tool promotes a sense of inner harmony, psychological well-being, activates the creative activity, the coordinated teamwork. The results: according to a survey of students of the National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic» (76 persons), the following answers are: the question «Is it relevant to use the art practices in the educational process?» was answered as «yes» – 91.0%, as «it is relevant while they are studying the social, behavioral, and human sciences» – 8.0%, as «no» – 1.0%; the question «Which methods, forms of the work used in studying of subjects «Psychology» and «Psychology of Health and Healthy Lifestyle» have you remembered the most?» is answered by 97.0% respondents  as «the art practices». The chair has a psychological workshop «The Way to Success», where during the open meetings the training sessions are held, the art exercises are performed, which are focused on the development of creativity of modern young people. Based on the own experience, students survey, there are conclusions that in the process of studying subjects «Psychology» and «Psychology of Health and Healthy Lifestyle» it is advisable to use the art-eco-practices to promote the communication with nature, the creativity development and model skills of teamwork, self-organization, successful time distribution, studying and improvement of own «I».

Keywords: art practices, creativity, methodical tools, educational process, applicant for higher education.

Accepted:  10.10.2021

Reviewed:  14.10.2021

Published:  18.10.2021



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