Chumak Viktor Чумак Віктор Вікторович


On the basis of theoretical analysis in the paper, the content and structure of the concept of "professional self-determination" are clarified. The psychological features of professional self-determination in adolescence are determined. It has been found that professional self-determination is the process of active orientation of the entity in the world of professions associated with the search for the meaning of labor activity, internal and external conflicts, professional and life crises; This is the election process that is periodically repeated throughout the professional career of a person. The structural scheme of this concept includes the following components: individual-typological features of the individual, the idea of themselves and the world of professions, social factors.

In the youth age, the period of education in higher education institutions is characterized by the development of the system of basic value representations that characterize this professional community, gaining professional knowledge, skills, skills. There is a development of professional-important personal qualities, a professional self-consciousness, professional suitability begins to form. At the stage of purposeful preparation for the chosen professional activity, the dynamics of professional self-determination is largely begins to be determined by the didactic training system and the nature of the relationship of education claims with each other, with teachers. Adoption of a professional role is achieved only in the fourth year of study when we can talk about the formation of professional self-consciousness.

It has been found that the level of professional self-determination in the formation of education of the fourth year is higher than that of the first. This is due to a purposeful preparation for professional activity.

Keywords: professional self-determination, professional self-consciousness, professional choice, professional identity, youth age.

Accepted:  14.09.2021

Reviewed:   12.10.2021

Published:  18.10.2021



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