Chepeleva Natalia Чепелєва Наталія Василівна, Svitlana Rudnytska Рудницька Світлана Юріївна, Kyrylo Hutsol Кирило Віталійович Гуцол


The article presents and analyzes results of the development of diagnostic tools of narrative competence of personality. Empirical study of formation of the narrative competence is carried out on methodological basis of post-non-classical psychology, according to which a personality is considered as an author of oneself, who has a potential for self-regulation and self-development. Within the psychological hermeneutics, narrative competence has been articulated as an ability of personality to identify and interpret narrative statements of the Other, that is to discover narratives in sociocultural and personal discourses and based on them to generate their own narrative constructs. The structural model of narrative competence as a dynamic configuration of pre-semantic, semantic and meta-semantic levels of understanding and generation of narrative expressions by personality is characterized; this model in turn became a basis for developing psycholinguistic diagnostic tools. The author proposed a method for determining formation levels of narrative competence of personality, which involves selection of texts meeting certain criteria for processing; development of diagnostic tasks for these texts; algorithm for determining a certain formation level of narrative competence of respondents depending on their results of proposed tasks. According to the results of approbation of the diagnostic technique, three main and two transitional levels of narrative competence of respondents have been identified. The algorithm for determining of these levels is presented in the form of a structural mathematical model, the validity of which is confirmed by correlations with expert evaluation. The main advantage of the proposed psycholinguistic tools for determining the formation levels of narrative competence of personality is the possibility of its application for diagnostics of respondents based on their processing of fiction texts without restrictions as for the language they speak.

Keywords: personality, narrative, narrative competence, criteria of formation of narrative competence, pre-semantic, semantic, meta-semantic levels of formation of narrative competence.

Accepted:  12.04.2021

Reviewed:  12.05.2021

Published:  02.06.2021



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