Siliytina Olena Сілютіна Олена Миколаївна


The article contains a personality’s corporeality intelligence phenomenon specifics theoretical analysis statement. The article presents the personality’s corporeality intelligence shaping factors - self-assessment, gender roles of the individual and his sexuality, regulatory, cognitive and emotional structures of the personality, assessment of their appearance and body image, health and subjective assessment – theoretical analysis results.

The procedure and methodical bases of personality’s corporeality intelligence formation factors studying are described. The specifics of self- assessment, self-regulation, attitude to health and the severity of its emotional and social components empirical study results are presented. The results of empirical data set factor analysis were analyzed, which made it possible to identify individual’s body intelligence manifestation trends.

It is established that the body image acts as a system-repeating factor in the self-identity system formation; corporeality intelligence acts as a combination of perception of the body, sexuality and actual state of health; loss of interest in oneself and one's body is a consequence of guilt or the need for self-restraint; emotional response to the sphere of the body depends on the success of human self-regulation; competence and self-regulation as components of corporeality intelligence form an inseparable unity; sexuality as an aspect of the individual’s corporeality intelligence is socially conditioned and depends on the system of personal relationships; independence and self-sufficiency are important factors in the social health of the individual, etc.

Key   words: body intelligence, body awareness, self-attitude, self- composition, body image, sexuality, self-regulation, body competence, corporality.

Accepted:  25.02.2021

Reviewed:  09.03.2021

Published:  02.06.2021



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