Ditjuk Pavlo Pavlovich Дітюк Павло Павлович


The article shows some attitudes between subjectness, activity and free choice. Subjectness is ability to awareness of choices for taking decision and doing. Activity is ability to act on the basis of individual goals, senses and intentions. Choice is the volitional action of making a decision to choose a course of action from a certain range of those that are conscious. The choice can be difficult to implement given the similarity of options, or awareness of the complexity of practical implementation and the likelihood of negative outcomes and consequences. A particular complication is that choosing any option usually leads to the abandonment of other options that may also be attractive.

There is conception of individual development in general as development of thinking and doing ways. The main way to develop is the organization of reflection, including prospective. There is a review of concept, structure and process of professional group development training that built as individual reflection and projects designs. Also some experimental study results and discussion about it.

Keywords: Subjectness, activity, choice, development, project, model, reflection.

Accepted:  02.04.2021

Reviewed:  12.05.2021

Published:  02.06.2021 



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