Яланська Світлана Павлівна Yalanska Svitlana Pavlivna


Due to constant economic, political, educational changes, constant traumatic situations, environmental shocks, everyone falls under the influence of stressors, in non-standard situations that require quick, original solutions. This can be achieved by realizing the creative potential of each individual, maintaining the mental and physical health of a person through a resource of art practices. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to reveal the creative resource of psychological tools. Based on the theoretical analysis of literature sources, surveys of participants in the educational process (research methods), personal experience, competencies formed by the results of advanced training during international and national scientific and practical conferences, based on the genetic and creative approach of Acad. S.D. Maksymenko, we have developed a project of a portable laboratory of creativity «Psychogeometric color art constructor», which contains a set of psychological tools that can be used for psychodiagnostic, corrective, developmental purposes, as well as to optimize mental states.

Results: the portable laboratory of creativity has the following advantages: mobility of sets of figures, backgrounds, projective touch «landscape ecodisplays». Psychogeometric art designer can be easily transferred, used, even without a specially equipped cabinet; allows participants to realize their creative potential, create original "creative products"; can be used for psychodiagnostic, corrective, developmental purposes; helps to optimize the mental state of man, can provide psychological relief, used to preserve, strengthen, psychological health, increase stress resistance. We are convinced that art practices should be used in work with both children and adults, because they are based on creativity.

We conducted research to reveal the psychological and pedagogical resources of art practices in the modernized educational space. As a result, it was concluded that art tools can be actively used in the educational environment for development purposes to help optimize the mental state of participants in the educational process.

Key words: portable laboratory of creativity, psychogeometric color art constructor, metaphorical images, art backgrounds, projective «sensory landscape ecodisplays».

Accepted:  12.05.2021

Reviewed:  18.05.2021

Published:  02.06.2021



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