Svitlana Rudnytska Рудницька Світлана Юріївна


The article presents a theoretical generalization of analysis of the issue of mythological resources for constructing of personality’s experience, conditioned by a person's ability to cognize the world by means of symbolic forms.

In line with psychological hermeneutics the discursive constructing of personality's experience is considered as a set of socio-psychological practices of building own identities by a person, which are based on assignment of norms and strategies of self-organization set up by culture; as integration of separate heterogeneous "discursive realities" of individual into a coherent whole by means of speech practices in process of personal generation of senses.

The author proved that both generalizations of personality’s experience and adopted from outside “ready-made” socio-cultural concepts of mythological nature can act as conditions for new personal senses generation in the process of discursive constructing of experience.

The article shows that resource for a myth as a volumetric context for actual being of a subject is its ability to fixate on a broad perspective, which in turn leads to comprehension of personality's scope of opportunities, its life horizon.

It is emphasized that the significance of a myth in the process of constructing of personality’s experience is conditioned by its main psychological functions, which contribute to generation and retention of integrity of world’s image by a personality in its subjective life’s area, to creation of ideals and patterns of its potential life-fulfillments, to interruption of causal determination of life events, to removal of the issue of motivation and search for a sense.

Keywords: myth, sense, personality, personal experience, context, discursive constructing of experience.


Accepted: 26.10.2020

Reviewed: 18.11.2020

Published: 01.12.2020




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