Andrieieva Y.F. Андрєєва Ярослава Федорівна, Lytovchenko N.F. Литовченко Ніна Федорівна


The purpose of the study. In the article dialogue activity of personality, its development is seen as self-movement in relationship system, as a prerequisite for the existence of one’s personality. Dialogicity of interpersonal interaction suggests establishment of individuals’ unique meanings and goals, which defines cooperation as an important sign of effective interplay. An empirical research aims to analyze specific patterns of religious personality dialogism.

Design and Methods.  The complex of theoretical and empirical methods, mathematical statistics techniques are applied. The empirical research is conducted using the following methodology: The scale of individual religiosity by R. Yavorskii; "The personality directedness in communication" by S.L. Bratchenko (NLO-A); Interpersonal relationships dialogism scale (S.V. Dukhnovskii).

Implications. Empirical evidence suggests the absence of a Dialogic orientation in communication among sample group and the predominance of manipulative, self-interested and conformist mindset. Studied sample group shows an agverag level of Dialogism in interpersonal communication.

Keywords: dialogue, dialogic intention, dialogic interaction, dialogic orientation, religious personality.

Accepted: 26.08.2020

Reviewed: 22.09.2020

Published: 01.12.2020



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