Fedyk Andrii Федик Андрій


The article reveals the structure and content of the experimental program for the professional thinking development of the future border guard officers in the professional training system at the higher military educational institution (HMEI). The program consists of three parts: theoretical, practical-developmental and emotional-reflexive ones. It is a complex of purposeful influence of the teacher on the cognitive, needs-motivational, emotional and the operational spheres of the future border guard officers. The program is based on the conceptual provision of the problem-based learning theory as a student activities management by academician Yu. I. Mashbyts. It includes the model which consists of the diagnostic, developmental and effective stages. The teacher’s and cadets’ role is taken into consideration while realizing the “subject-subject” interaction in the professional thinking development process. It is recorded the peculiarities of the professional activities of the border guard officers, the psychological learning mechanisms, the studying motives formation, age, gender and individual characteristics of the cadets based on the psycho-diagnostic testing; the cognitive interests of the learning subjects, orientation of the future border guards as for the tasks understanding process, etc.

The program usage is aimed at the mental teaching subjects actions developing while the problem-solving, attention, operational memory and thinking speed in order to acquire the mental operations skills and habits of the professional problem-solving abilities; the neuro-psychological endurance developing and professional vigilance; the expectation state, optimal working and transition psychological states, as well as the other special skills and habits. The experimental verification program results have testified about the rise іn the future border guard officers’ knowledge level, their skills and habits of the professional thinking and mental fulfillment operations in the significant psychological stress conditions.

Key words: program, professional thinking development, psychological training, model, future border guard officers.

Accepted: 10.06.2020

Reviewed: 25.06.2020

Published: 29.06.2020


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