Shydelko Anna Volodymyrivna Шиделко Анна Володимирівна, Vilchuk Lidiya Hryhorivna Вільчук Лідія Григорівна


The features of sexual behavior in virtual space are highlighted. The scientific research of domestic and foreign scholars on this issue is determined. It is noted that cyber-sex addiction is one of the specific manifestations of Internet addiction. The concept of Internet addiction is not clearly defined. However, this phenomenon is dominant in the manifestation of virtual sexual behavior.

Symptoms of cyber-sexual behavior are revealed, namely: loss of control over time spent on pornographic sites or topic forums; fictional employment in connection with an online intimate visit to the site; refusal of real sex contact of various forms; constant attraction to online sexual activity.

The scientific achievements of foreign researcher Kimberly Young are presented in the context of the indicated issue. The researcher classifies virtual intercourse according to the following criteria: cyber relations relating to married persons; online relationships that can turn into real relationships; cyber intimacy, where realistically meetings are not provided. She claims that the latter type of cyber-sexual behavior leads to addictive behavior, uncontrolled impulses of masturbation, compulsiveness, unwillingness to be in real time. The researcher is convinced that everyone who has access to the Internet can become Internet addicted.

The authors’ definition of cyber-sex addiction is presented. Cyber-sexual addiction is a specific form of the Internet addiction, based on the compulsive desire to embody sexual fantasies in thematic chats, visiting sites and online stores of a pornographic nature, engaging in virtual sex.

Keywords: virtual sex, Internet addiction, cyber-sexual behavior, compulsiveness.

Accepted: 30.11.2019

Reviewed: 10.12.2019

Published: 19.12.2019


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