Kondratenko Larysa Oleksandrivna Кондратенко Лариса Олександрівна


Modern world is full of various types of so-called online communication. The attractiveness of this form of communication is so great, that it can overshadow the usual offline communication, or, in other words, conversation  face-to-face. Despite of the great interest of scientists to this probiem, there is still no universally accepted explanation for this phenomenon. The article attempts to interpret the phenomenon of the attractiveness of on-line communication through comparison with the well-known paradox of the so-called " Schrodinger's cat ", which is both alive and dead. Regarding the situation of communication, the on-line paradox of the “Schrodinger's cat” appears in the form of simultaneous real and virtual existence of the interlocutor. Тhis duality allows to manifest themselves certain psychological phenomena, aimed to ensuring the stability of the individual in the disharmonious situation of modern social life, especially in the psychologically difficult circumstances that have developed in Ukraine in recent years.These phenomena include: 1. The psychotherapeutic effect of self-disclosure, which has long been using  by classical psychoanalysis. For Freud, it was important that the patient did not communicate with the doctor, but with himself, verbalizing feelings, experiences, hidden meanings. Online conversation, copying psychoanalytic techniques, reduces internal stress and allows the "interlocutors", exchanging problems, free themselves from their burden; 2. The formation of a sense of belonging to the group. The constant exchange of SMS messages is the search for confirmation of your lasting contact with a group of "friends";

3. Creating the illusion of control of the situation - I have enough information, I know everything, nothing threatens me; 4. Additional determination of reality. Communicating online, the interlocutors supplement the part of reality hidden from them (body language, gestures, facial expressions, intonation during SMS communication), "imagining" the person with whom they communicate.

Key words: on-line communication, off-line communication, self-disclosure, illusion, additional determination.

Accepted: 30.11.2019

Reviewed: 09.12.2019

Published: 19.12.2019


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