Уркаєв Вадим Сергійович Urkayev Vadym Serhiyovych


The systematization and generalization scientific knowledge regarding the content and difference features of gambling has been done in this article. The meaning of the terms that describe the premorbid period of the pathological gambling and its clinical form has been clarified. Symptoms that allow the diagnostics premorbid period of gambling and the criteria for pathological gambling were considered. The modern types of games that are most often form of realization pathological gambling are reviewed. Thus, in modern studies of gambling addiction, together with playing in casinos and slot machines, the game in online casinos and computer games is often considered. The stages of pathological gambling and markers of the disorder progression are summarized. It is assumed that the initial stage of game addiction can be compared with the level of addictive game deviation. The systematization of the scientific research about pathological gambling comorbid diseases, the phenomenological content of this disorder and the results of the diagnosis of psychological traits of players has been carried out. The psychological traits of the players that can be the main targets for correcting this disorder are highlighted: prognostic incompetence; magical thinking; infantilism; hedonistic values; impulsiveness; emotionally unstable traits; defect of volitional regulation; attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; moral defect and antisocial personality traits; alexithymia; depression and masochistic manifestations; dissociative disorders; external locus of control.

Keywords: game addiction, pathological gambling, game addictive deviation, comorbidity of gambling, psychological traits of players.

Отримано: 12.09.2019

Відрецензовано: 19.09.2019

Опубліковано: 30.09.2019


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