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The article discusses the essence of the psychological phenomenon “Theory of Mind”, and it’s specific between the other psychological phenomena. It is noticed, that this phenomenon as well as many other psychological phenomena, cannot be observed directly, only through the subject’s behavior. Indicated methodological and practical problems of the research, as well as the importance of this construct for the individual’s normal functioning. In particular, described from which “modules” theory of mind consists and how it related with mental disorders, for example, autistic disorders or schizophrenia. Moreover, the main approaches and historical stages of study of theory of mind highlighted in form of classification the approaches from the earliest theories to the newest ones. Revealed the theory of mind’s psychological and biological mechanisms of functioning. Also, identified the main investigators of the theory of mind within each of the approaches. Determined the neuropsychological correlates of the theory of mind through the description of the brain bound zones and brain structures, in particular, indicated on the connection between the theory of mind and the mirror neurons. Highlighted approaches of studying the theory of mind with the keen on behavioral experiments. Formulated the conclusions and the prospects of theory of mind research, which are: 1) study of non-clinical adult samples; 2) measurement of the affective component of the theory of mind.

Keywords: theory of mind, empathy, mirror neurons, autism, neuro visualization; behavioral experiment.

Отримано: 27.05.2019

Відрецензовано: 14.06.2019

Опубліковано: 02.07.2019

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31108/3.2019.3.2.3

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