Trуkin Alexander Ivanovych Трикін Олександр Іванович


Activation in the educational and social processes of hearing impaired people as a consequence of their inclusion in different age and composition of the group requires the expansion of not only circles of communication but also the training of highly qualified sing language interpreters for work in education, transport, television, etc.

The study of the system of training future interpreters indicates a lack of scientific information on this subject.

Students – surdopedagogs at the level of formation of oral-translation activities were divided into 4 levels: initial – translation, minimal – translation, sufficient – translation, professional – translation.

These levels are related to the criteria: oral and written skills, vocabulary, dactylic speech, articulation, theoretical basis, linguistic competence, adherence to ethical professional norms, aesthetics, nonmanual component, plasticity and motor skills of hands, external expressiveness.

The conducted study allowed to establish and describe the types of oral translation activities, namely: by way of execution (direct, reverse, synchronous, sequential); on the completeness and accuracy the transmission of the contents (authentic, full, fragmentary (incomplete), proofreading, literal); according to the intended purpose (situationally – spontaneous, conversational – household, consultative, auxiliary – informative, conceptually – forming, officially – protocol, international – diplomatic, educational, scientific, cultural – educational, individual oriented, affiliate, socio – political, artistic, television – media (screen)).

The conducted research showed the presence of a cognitive component in oral and written translation work, and provided for ways to improve the training of students - surdopedagogues.

Keywords: sing language translation activity, students of surdopedagogy, levels, criteria, types of the sing language, dactyl, verbal speech.

Accepted: 07.09.2018

Reviewed: 21.09.2018

Published: 12.10.2018


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