Boyko Iryna Бойко Ірина


The article highlights the actual problem of becoming a professional maturity of a specialist. The aim is to carry out a theoretical analysis of the psychological nature of a professional maturity, its differences from the concepts of "maturity", "adulthood", "personal maturity", "professional maturity", and "pedagogical professionalism", which are close in their essence. The methodological basis of this problem is considered; characterized the analysis of the main concepts and attempted to clarify the meaning of the concept of professional maturity in the psychological and pedagogical discourse through the prism of understanding the psychological essence of the concept of "maturity", which is covered in scientific works by the authors as a concept that is dependent on the phenomenon of "maturity" and is the fact that happened or understood as a given. A retrospective analysis of the relationships of professional maturity of a specialist with his "age periodization" of maturity is carried out. Its dynamics is not straightforward and dependent: analysis is carried out indirectly through the notion of "readiness" for self-realization, self-education, continuous personal and professional self-improvement as an acmeological orientation of the individual. Understanding the process of becoming a teacher's professional maturity in postgraduate education is through analysis of the stages of adaptation and stabilization, creativity, skill, etc.; through analysis of personal development of a person in professional terms. Professional conditions of production differ from the conditions of training and preparation for work, therefore "professional maturity" phenomenologically stands out as a process directed to the future as a desirable "fact", which is acquired daily and multiplied by the synergistic effect of interdependence, complementarity of the actions of the teacher and educational, methodological approaches, methodical methods, in particular, and educational paradigm in general. In further research, the next step in illuminating the problems of psychological formation of "professional maturity" lies in the theoretical and practical solution of a set of issues, among which the most urgent issue is the definition of the necessary and sufficient elements of the system of continuous education, which provides conditions for the formation of professional maturity.

Keywords: maturity, personality maturity, professional maturity, professionalism, professional self-consciousness.

Accepted: 10.09.2018

Reviewed: 25.09.2018

Published: 12.10.2018


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