Andreeva Yaroslava Fedorivna Андрєєва Ярослава Федорівна, Litovchenko Nina Fedorivna Литовченко Ніна Федорівна


The article deals with the study of problem analysis of the individual`s psychological qualities, which can be regarded as personal resources that influence on overcoming of complex situations of personality development. Humor has a significant protective adaptive and resource potential associated with cognitive and emotional processes of consciousness and subconscious. The manifestation of resource and adaptive functions of humor are the elimination of

emotional tension, overcoming anxiety and suffering, protecting the limits of personality, resistance to pressure, support of internal dignity, unlocking unconscious experiences, awareness of the latent qualities of the individual.

However, not all styles of humor are useful in overcoming, the most successful overcome depends on the style of humor, which differ in their adaptability. The results of an empirical study of the connection between the style of humor and the syndrome of mental burnout of educational organizations workers (university teachers and teachers of secondary schools) are presented in the article. The obtained empirical data indicate a positive correlation between the general index of mental burnout and the aggressive style of humor, as well as with a selfish meaning; there exists a positive correlation between the "emotional exhaustion" scale and the aggressive style of humor; and negative correlation between the scale of "personal separation" and the affiliated style of humor is found.

Key words: professional development of personality, personal resource, humor, overcoming of complex situations.

Accepted: 03.09.2018

Reviewed: 20.09.2018

Published: 12.10.2018


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