Goncharuk Olena Volodymyrivna Гончарук Олена Володимирівна


The article exposes the concept of communication abilities as individual and psychological characteristics which ensure effective interaction between people in the intercourse process, and include the system of knowledge and skills which provide successful communicative process. Development of communicative abilities is closely connected with development of social intellect. Mental disorders cause specific personnel changes and lead to infringement of communication and, accordingly, to social disadaptation. In this research the development of communication abilities is considered as personal factor of readaptation of people with mental disorders. In the course of the empirical study the peculiarities of reflection of communicative abilities and subjective picture of personal changes, connected with communication and interrelation spheres, were revealed. Analysis of social component of self-identification shows that family and professional roles are more significant in self-consciousness than world-outlook and group ones. Referent groups of women with mental disorders include predominantly the nearest encirclement, family, friends, significantly less of professional communication, and single occurrence of people from virtual groups. This give evidence of narrow range of interests, reduction of the necessities of cognitive activity, self-isolation, which, in turn, reduces possibilities to communication, establishment and maintaining contacts with other people. Immediate task of psycho-social rehabilitation is development of communicative abilities as a component of social intellect. It can form and widen adaptive forms of individual’s behavior and, therefore, facilitate readaptation and resocialization of people with mental disorderes.

Key words: communicative abilities, social intellect, mental disorders, adaptive resources, readaptation.

Accepted: 03.05.2018

Reviewed: 04.16.2018

Published: 04.11.2018

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