Kovalenko-Kobylanska Iryna Genrikhivna Коваленко-Кобилянська Ірина Генріхівна


The article presents the results of empirical study of the intellectual sphere in the period of gerontogenesis; the value of integrated processes (speech, self-regulation, goal-setting) is described as a constituent part of the self-organizing intellectual system. It is indicated that the dominant in the structure of integrated processes is variable and is determined in terms of the solution of a particular urgent problem.

The results of the study lead to the conclusion that the poverty of speech during the period of gerontogenesis is not a consequence of physiological changes, but the result of a reduction in the number of communication links and a decrease in their quality. Decrease in the level of self-control at the studied age is a consequence of a number of factors: psychological unpreparedness of accepting the old age, ageism, a complex existential problem - the completion of physical life. In those groups where activities aimed at developing self-control were conducted regularly, the results of optimization of the intellectual sphere of the subjects were increased by 12% in comparison with the results of participants in the control group.

It is pointed out that goal-setting, as an integration process, is formed as a result of dominant motivation, defining the specifics of the intellectual sphere. The obtained study data show that incoming information from the outside correlates with the dominant motivational need, which acts as a rigid filter. The urgency of the indicated problem is noted in connection with a significant increase in the proportion of people of post-retirement age in society. The results of an empirical study of the intellectual sphere development during the period of gerontogenesis prove the prospects of upward development through the actualization of integrated processes (speech sphere, attention, self-regulation, goal-setting, etc.) that are a constituent part of the intellectual sphere as a self-organizing system.

Keywords: gerontogenesis, intellect, development, integrated processes

Accepted: 10.13.2017

Reviewed: 10.21.2017

Published: 11.8.2017

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