DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR CREATION OF MOTIVATING PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT (based on the data obtained from Ukrainian medical lyceum at the A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University)

Dorochkevich Nataliya Viktorivna Дорошкевич Наталія Вікторівна


The article deals with developing and using of personality-centered educational technologies for creation of a motivating environment that promotes self-identification of students regarding the chosen specialty (medical lyceum) and improves the quality of teaching. Special attention is paid to intellectual self-development which is one crucial component of a motivational environment. The principal constituents of the diagnostic model of a professional were elucidated.

The author shows that the content of professional education at a higher school should provide the possibility to synthesize the subject experience of a prospective specialist, which is formed primarily by himself, while his subject professional experience is formed at a higher school by way of "cultivating", initiating, eliciting and use of the student's individual experience.

Keywords: motivational environment, readiness, professional identity formation, psychological educational technologies, methodology of medical education.

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