Kodluboska Tetiana Borysivna Кодлубовська Тетяна Борисівна


The article deals with results of researches of individual-personality features of displaying of psychophysiological signs of professional burning down with employees of law enforcement authorities (LEA) of different specialization, that was conducted at practical trainings of «Communication - Stress – Safety» at Kyiv National academy of internal affairs. The researches have shown the basic indexes of burning down are: reduction of professional duties, inadequate selective emotional reaction and emotionaly-moral disorientation. Forms and intensity of displaying the destructive emotional states given in the article are: aggression, guilty, insult, suspiciousness, dependence, also the indexes of level of tension of adaptation mechanisms and reserves of cordially - vascular system of police employees. The results of self-analysis reasons for appearing of destructive emotions and professional burning down signs conducted by the staff themselves examined in the article. The author of the article has developed the complex of methods for psychophysiological regulation (CMPR) of the poststress functional states to increase the resistance to stress, to decrease the risk of professional burning down and professional deformation with law employees. Possibilities of overcoming of negative consequences of signs of professional burning down with the help of CMPR, also the directions for knowledge improvement are certain on psychophysiological functional states self-regulation of the for LEA employees , and optimizations of the process of teaching at the institutes of LEA of Ukraine and at the training courses in Centers of post diploma education are given in the article.

Keywords: professional burning down, destructive emotions, individually- personality features, psychophysziological indexes, functional states, possibilities of overcoming.

Accepted: 03.11.2017

Reviewed: 03.19.2017

Published: 03.24.2017

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