Ditiuk Pavlo Pavlovych Дітюк Павло Павлович


In the article, the concept of “activity” is reviewed. Activity is an attribute of subject, and it can be realized at freedom choice and taking a responsibility of effects. The situation is determined as a situation of action. There is a discussion about subject and object of situation, situation activity, elements of freedom choice and possibilities of influence on it. In the grounds of the subject`s activity is freedom as the possibility of choosing between different options or inactivity and the need to adopt of personal responsibility for the results and consequences of that choice. In the absence of the exercise of choice nor freedom nor subject`s activity is impossible, accordingly impossible of subjectness realization itself. Freedom of choice can be made in the following ways: object of action selection; selection of goals in operating with the object of action; selection of methods and means to operate with the object to achieve the chosen goals. Freedom is never absolute, but usually has these or other restrictions: in the choice of objects, goal-setting, means, resources and other situations. Therefore, regarding the characteristics of the freedom, it is appropriate to use the technical term "degree of freedom". However, the choice, even if a limited number of options, it is a prerequisite. In the absence of such an opportunity, we cannot talk about freedom, activity and subjectness.

Keywords: subject, freedom, activity, choice, situation.

Accepted: 03.03.2017

Reviewed: 03.12.2017

Published: 03.24.2017

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