Andrjejeva Jaroslava Fedorivna Андрєєва Ярослава Федорівна, Lytovchenko Nina Fedorivna Литовченко Ніна Федорівна


The article is devoted to the social-political analysis of the phenomenon of the ukrainian student youth political activity. Political activity is understood as an important precondition to forming the young citizen political and legal culture. Special emphasis is given to the urgency of investigating the specific features of forming and implementing the political activity of the student youth being a subject to social-political activity. The authors study a number of scientific approaches to understanding the psychological content and essence of the social-political activity of an individual, the forms of its realization, the types of motivation, the formation mechanisms. The article presents comparative analysis of the results of empirical study of the phenomenon under consideration conducted in Nizhin State University named after Mykola Gogol and in Chernivtsi National University named after Yuri Fedkovich in the years of 2011-2016. Such criteria of political activity as taking interest in politics, taking personal part in political activity, taking part in elections, significance of elections, distrust in the institute of elections are analyzed in the interpretation of the results of the study. Special attention is given to the dynamics of the change in the character of political activity due to the specificity of the problem causing activity and the tasks to be solved through its implementation. The results of comparative analysis show an increase in youth political subjectivity although some negative emotions (disillusionment) create obstacles for youth willingness to take part in the country's political life. There emerge the task to create and implement the programmes for young people in order to develop their social outlook and electoral activity.

Keywords: political conscience, a subject to social-political activity, political activity, political choice, student youth.

Accepted: 01.30.2017

Reviewed: 02.16.2017


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