Prokhorenko Lesya Іvanivna Прохоренко Леся Іванівна


Subject of the article is devoted to the improvement of the intellectual activity of students with mental retardation by identifying the scientific bases of self-diagnosis and correction, which is one of the important components of the regulation mechanism. Performed a systematic description of reflection by examining the basic levels of knowledge and creating a conceptual model of research based on systematic and comprehensive approaches that have been implemented in integrated diagnostics and self-correction.

Theoretical analysis of the study made it possible to create a structural and functional model of the self-regulation to define the methods, techniques and means of forming reflection of students with mental retardation. Based on the comparison of motivational, operational-reflective evaluative components defined method of forming the reflection in the training of pupils with mental retardation. A comparison of results of pupil`s intellectual self-regulation with mental retardation are showed a significantly higher quantity and quality indicators for reflection of pupils with mental retardation after forming techniques.

The psychic correction system to influence the formation of reflection are described and we have proved the effectiveness of the correction on the basis of the experimental procedure.

Keywords: mental activity, motivation, self-control, self-assessment, reflection, self-regulation.

Accepted: 2016.12.09

Reviewed: 2016.12.20

Published: 2016.12.29

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