Kirychevska Eleonora Vsevolodivna Кіричевська Елеонора Всеволодівна


In the paper religious creativity is considered as a source of the ontological information based on interrelation of writing, arithmetic’s and system of symbols and images. The meanings of categories of spirituality, endowments, talent, information within the research of the semantic field of religious forms and types of creativity are revealed. The problems of studying of psychology of creativity and endowments in the context of religious knowledge in its various aspects developed in works of the famous researchers are specified. The researches of spiritual and religious knowledge as source of accumulating of psychological phenomenology, culture as creative experience of life and creativity as problems of spiritual self-determination of a personality and as life justification method are also observed. The ontological, gnoseological and axiological aspects in the creativity phenomenon research are given.

In the paper it is told also about creativity as synergy - a cooperation to God, spiritual transcensus of a person, problem of a spiritual and cultural sense of creativity, border of human existence in the creative act, typology of culture and gifted personality, esthetical consciousness. The works within which the research of culture and the person in a paradigm of Spirit and creativity where knowledge of the truth is connected with understanding of texts of culture became possible are especially allocated. The important conceptual developments of a problem of religious experience and cultural creativity which is considered as a reflection of religious experience of a personality are analysed, and also it is specified the theory "spiritual unconscious" that renders a ratio of conceptual and extra logical spheres of human intelligence, theological version of philosophy of culture and history, that determines Christianity in modern culture and spiritual experience of a person in daily occurrence.

Keywords: religious creativity, talent, endowments, spirituality, information, Christian tradition, strategy of creativity, transcendental.

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