Manilov Igor Felixovich Манілов Ігор Феліксович


The paper represents findings on the development of adaptive intellection of those who suffer from neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders. It is shown that there is correspondence between the adaptive intellection level of a human and his/her social adaptation. One of the most important aspects of the adaptive intellection development is psychological correction of dysfunctional thoughts. It is observed that persuasion technique is generally used in traditional psychotherapeutic practices, as opposed to suggestion that is rather uncommon. It is proposed to introduce verbal suggestion into psychotherapeutic practice more actively, in particular, the confrontation suggestion technique. In accordance with the key principles of the confrontation suggestion technique, there are basic scientific points and world-view visions that are considered as antagonists of dysfunctional thoughts. Such ideas and visions can be implant in a human by means of verbal suggestion. A clash of suggested ideas-principles with dysfunctional thoughts provokes the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance which leads to further correction of the latter ones. It is defined that  suggestion of the ideas-principles of continuous changeability, interdependence, relativity, irreversibility, self-organization and dynamic equilibrium had a good psychotherapeutic effect. The results of verbal suggestion of such ideas-principles to humans that suffer from neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders are represented in the paper. It is shown that high efficiency of the confrontation suggestion usage for the development of clients’ adaptive intellection is achieved.

Keywords: confrontation suggestion, suggestion, adaptive intellection, dysfunctional thoughts, psychological correction, psychotherapy

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