Nikonenko Iryna Oleksandrivna Никоненко Ірина Олександрівна


The article noted that in Ukraine there are social and social-psychological problems of professional activities of surgeons, which related to working conditions and reflected in the high statistical results of mortality and low life expectancy. The suggested that these negative statistical results related with emotionally-negative of voltages  of professional activities of surgeons, high level social and legal responsibility, intensity of work, which have influence on the occurrence of professional stress and are causes of deterioration of their health. The research of personality characteristics of reacting to situation, which have sign of professional stress, contribute to definition of mechanisms emergence and the overcome of consequences of stressful for surgeons and thus will contribute to improvement of professional activities of surgeons. On the basis of theoretical generalizations was built a conceptual model of the stressful situation of professional activities in the surgeons. The determined that emergence of stressful situation in professional activities of specialist caused by of objective and subjective factors. The objective factors include the features of stressful situation (such as intensity, magnitude, duration, frequency), the subjective factors include the personality factors, which the affects to the formation of cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioral reactions of surgeons. The interaction of objective and subjective factors manifests in the effects of stress on the surgeons and also use of resources by them. Resources include situation and personality of surgeon. The interconnection of objective and subjective factors is a specific combination of characteristics of situation and individual properties of surgeons. The particular significance in the model have component which marks physical, personal and social resources of professional activities of surgeons. They actualized by surgeons in the terms of professional stress of specialist and characterized of productive coping-strategy of surgeons. The formed in the process of theoretical research the model will contribute to the realization of empirical research in the study of individual factors to overcome of stressful situation of surgeons and clarity of the specific of personal profile of specialist.

Keywords: Stress, stressful situation, coping-strategy, professional practice, surgeons.

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