Dityuk Pavlo Pavlovych Дітюк Павло Павлович


In the article are determined such features of project activities, as its creativity character, and therefore the impossibility of the final formalizing, and at the same time the need for the formalization of the product of this activity - a project with the using of symbolic forms; the need for a dual position of design organizer relatively to the the designer; some advantages and disadvantages of distance format of the work organization from a technical point of view.

The construction of a two-level design techniques, and presents the results of development project experimental research by adults of their own development.

These results are analyzed in several respects. From the standpoint of goal-setting features of the participants is determined that it is, first of all, in many cases is uncertain, negative or contradictory character; secondly, there is a strong tendency to change the participants about the real purpose of his work on the development of the project.

These changes are lead to the fact that a relatively large number of participants is leaving process of developing projects, since, obviously, or up to its real purposes, or convinced of the impossibility of achieving them, and the need to find other means. New for us was the presence of a particular projection horizon, which showed a downward trend all the more significant, the higher the level of stress overall situation, which conducted the study.

Key words: designing, sign, inquiry, reflexion, horizon design.

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