Shostak Uliana Viktorivna Шостак Уляна Вікторівна


The article presents the author psycho-pedagogical technology of effective interaction of family and school, which includes the following blocks: informative, analytical, instrumental and productive. The base of this technology is two principles: the system principle and the principle of active approach. Essential conditions for implementation are: appropriate organization of the educational process and family education; rational, coordinated and evidence-based management of child development. This all allows achieving the highest possible results in technology implementation.

Author made a detailed consideration of the analytical part of technology which includes psychodiagnostic examination of children, teachers and parents. It is expected that psychodiagnostic examination of children is undertaken at the beginning and at the end of the school year. This will afford to see the dynamics of children development. The author also specifies the structure of the analytical block of the technology, shows how to make diagnostics, and explains the elements of analytical block. This structure and elements assist in performing some tasks: detecting the internal emotional atmosphere in family, and the family type, parenting style, specifying the character of communication between children and parents, as well as personal characteristics of the parents; making diagnosis of cognitive, emotional and personal sphere of the pupils, their communication skills, identifying their strong skills; exploring the individual characteristics of each teacher, and doing the assessment of professional activity of teachers and exploring compatibility students and parents.

Keywords: psycho-pedagogical technology, psychodiagnostic assessment, family, school, interaction of the family and the school.

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