Naydonova Lyubov Mykhaylivna Найдьонова Любов Михайлівна


The article analyzes the case of unproductive competition attitudes’ existence with the merger of the two companies and attempt to solve this problem by using reflective technology training workshop. Highlight the mechanisms that are involved in the reconstruction of attitudes, namely the formation of a common experience, differentiation reflexive modalities, value the regulation and organization of activities. The following stages were highlighted in the process of attitudes changing in open situations of organizational environment: declaration of values, agreement on their adoption, the organization of public action in accordance with accepted values and reflection. The techniques of influence on cognitive component of attitude system for reconstruction of interrelationships’ hardness in the attitude system of competition and cooperation were described. Members were offered the tasks aimed intensifying personal position, isolating self from the group, activation positions and divergent creative thinking, loosening discursive stereotypes, activation of metacognitive processes in occupational tasks and others.

Reflective technology training workshop was successfully tested as reflective shell environment that facilitates changing of unproductive competition and cooperation attitudes in case of companies merging by activation of metacognitive processes. Stress of professional personal capital in a situation of competitive selection at the confluence of competing companies contributes to the destruction of the phenomenon of in-group favoritism and out-group discrimination, thus overcoming of unproductive competitive attitudes.

Keywords: attitudes, metacognition, reconstruction of attitudes, reflective technology.

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