Bratsyuk Oleksandra Genadiivna Брацюк Олександра Геннадіївна


The article continues the study of narratives of dating site users. In human’s personality structure it works like a tool to construct the hierarchy of life-long values. Helping a man to understand his own actions it is at the same time the key to his self-identity. The study sample and the method of investigation were described. The study groups were: dating site users who looked for marriage, users who looked for romance, users who looked for sexual satisfaction and chat users who looked for conversation only. Semantic analysis was described as the method to research on dating sites users characteristics. The indicators were: the number of words, the degree of the text emotionality (emotions about self, and emotions about others, positive and negative emotions, demands to others), being physical-focused, volitional characteristics, intellectuality of the text, the text personalization (the self-definition, and definition of other, naming self and naming other), being romantical, activity, intensity of the text. Secondary indicators were: self-centeredness, attention to another, emotionality, attention to appearance, demand, activity and romanticism. There was a significant discrepancies in those categories that people of different gender, sexual orientations and with different purposes of being online used. And there was a discrepancy in categories they avoid to use.  Thus, there was a significant difference in the levels of talkativeness, depending on the intentions of the dating site users. The most talkative were users (both men and women) who were looking for short-term romantic relationships. They wrote about their own preferences, hobbies, interesting stories from their life, also they were more demanding, and more self-centered. Those who were looking for a marriage partner, seemed more banal and boring, but they were more attentive to personal characteristics of the potential partner. They did not have unnecessary demands to the character and appearance of a potential partner, did not indicate on their own romanticism or activities. Women were more focused on their own feelings and more likely to remember negative past experiences of relationships, while men were more likely to list the external indicators of the desired partner.

Keywords: narrative, self-presentation, semantic categories, sexual orientation, goal orientation, egocentrism, attention to others.

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