Smulson Maryna Lazarivna Смульсон Марина Лазарівна


The article considers the concept of psychological mechanisms of education, the leading psychological mechanisms of studies  offered by Yu.I.Mashbyts. The specific of functioning of these psychological mechanisms in the distance learning also analyzed. It is shown that key concepts in Yu.I.Mashbyts  conception of psychological mechanisms is the system, co-operation, management, activity. Psychic phenomena and processes are proposed to be consided as the system and subsystem. Determined is that the system mechanism of this concept is interpreted as a theoretical construct that describes the interaction of the system components  providing its functioning. If the system is a matter of psychology, these mechanisms should describe the interaction at the psychological level, that to be psychological mechanisms. Co-operation between teacher and student at the level of performed activities in the Yu.I.Mashbyts`s conception of education is interpreted as management. Three major educational mechanisms, suggested by Yu.I.Mashbyts, such as feedback, additional determination of learning task, and dynamic  division of learning activities functions management between students and teachers are analyzed. The specific of functioning of these mechanisms in distance education is shown. It is shown that the psychological mechanisms are working on the development nature of education, providing a focused, irreversible and natural process of change. In the concept  of psychological mechanisms the fact of process character of psyche and mental formations is operationalized. The process as a movement and a movement system as development is impossible without the mechanisms of the system.

Keywords: psychological mechanism, education, development, feedback, learning activity, additional determination of learning task, dynamic  division  of management  functions.

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