Chepeleva Natalia Чепелєва Наталія


The purpose of the article: to show that the personality life competence is determined by the development of the personality ability to pose and solve sense problems that arise in complex, unpredictable life situations.

Life competence is interpreted as a personality property that provides a productive solution of life problems. Those problems arise before a person throughout his life. It requires interpretation, analysis and comprehension of situations in which a person finds himself. First of all, we are talking about critical, traumatic and unpredictable situations. This leads to an awareness of the situations problematic nature and the transformation of certain problem situations into a problem, first of all, a sense problem.

One of the important prerequisites for a person independent formulation of a sense life problem is the creation of a psychological situation, that is, the transfer of the external situation into the internal plan by means of its analysis, interpretation and understanding.

The most typical problems that appear before a person, causing the emergence of certain psychological situations, are the problem of the life sense and life perspective, which causes the emergence of an existential situation; a personality problem and, accordingly, a personality psychological situation and a situation of interaction with others, which prompts the emergence of a social situation.

The specified problems appear in the form of external and internal obstacles that complicate the activity, prevent the achievement of the goal, satisfaction of needs, etc. The stages of transformation of a problematic situation into a problem itself are characterized - from a problematization to a solution, even if the solution is not completely effective and requires from a person to continue to analyze the situation and to pose independently new life problems.

Keywords: life competence, life situation, psychological situation, problem, sense problem, life problem, personal development.

Accepted: 22.03.2023

Reviewed: 22.04.2023

Published: 30.05.2023


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